Wow!!! After years of not wearing make up because I was
1. Too old
2. Too busy
3. It's not for me anymore leave it to the young. 
I today had fantastic lesson and coaching in how to make up in my 50s and look great.
Thanks to Janet my mojo just might have returned!

Julie Bevan

Thank you for such a relaxed, good fun, colour educational day.  My friend who had no knowledge of Colour Me Beautiful was amazed by the difference colour choice made and how it brought our faces alive. 


I couldn't believe how my colours had changed, now being grey haired rather than the dark brown when my colour analysis was completed over 30yrs ago. You have reawakened my belief in the importance of colour, it's coordination and how the correct choice makes such a difference.


 A great experience can't wait for the makeup for our next transformation!

Jill and Gail (Double colour consultation)

Having a colour consultation with Janet was a great experience - I now have a lovely wallet of colours which I can wear with confidence, rather than boring old black! Janet advises how to mix, blend and contrast colours and accessories to complement your colouring and bring new life to the clothes you already have, as well as thinking about the gaps in your wardrobe. When I'm shopping, I can now bypass all the colours and shades which aren't 'my' colours, which saves loads of time and money, avoiding costly mistakes which get shoved to the back of my wardrobe. A worthwhile investment and lots of fun!

Allison Frankish

Just wanted to say thank you for my consultation last week. I have managed my make-up every day and have completely rearranged my wardrobe. I have bought some new bits, enjoying buying my favourite chunky jewellery and bright coloured outfits again 😊  I have bought some fab red trousers and feel great in them.  You helped me get my confidence back thanks. 

Gill G - full Image consultation

Just to say again what a great afternoon of colour matching & make-up creativity! I loved it all. Have some lovely photos too which I’ll pop in my 50th album. Thank you so much for the prosecco. Always a winner with me!

M. Rutherford - colour party

I arrived at Janet's very flat and left feeling fabulous. She sorted out my colours and make up and totally understood me. I am looking forward to going back for a styling session in the near future. This session was  great value and and will save me a fortune on shopping disasters.

S. Still - full colour

I spend so little time on myself and my appearance mainly because I lack confidence and I have to consider the cost of mistakes!

Jane - colour party

I really enjoyed the experience. It was lovely to see how to put colours together so I can confidently buy clothes now in colours that are perfectly suited to my skin tone and hair colour. This was combined with make up and I found this to be a real eye opener. I had been wearing the wrong shades of clothing for years! I would certainly recommend a visit to Janet.

S. Burkitt

I now feel much more confident in my choice of outfits and colours.

When I got home I immediately went through my wardrobe and made some great changes rearranging the things that I would normally wear together.

As you know, after the style session, I also got rid of at least 10 items of clothing which were doing me no favours at all and just gathering dust and draining energy.

This has made room for some great new outfits! 😊

Spending time with you has resulted in me completely invigorating my wardrobe and I have no doubt I will save money in the future and avoid the soul destroying and costly process of making the wrong decisions.


Thank you so much for your time, patience and expertise!   You clearly have a wonderful eye for colour and design.

C. Lawson - full colour and full style

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