gift a bridal experience

Need help finding the perfect dress, hairstyles and accessories for your wedding day?

Discover the styles, materials and colours that will work best with your colouring and body shape to help you find the dress and accessories that will reflect your personality and wedding theme

A three hour session will include

· An in-depth colour analysis, with special focus on the right shades for your wedding day

· Advice to help you find the perfect dress to suit your colouring, shape, style personality and wedding theme

· Suggestions for veils, tiaras, headdresses and jewellery to suit your scale and proportions

· Recommendations of hairstyles to suit your face shape

· A full make-up application in the colours that suit you best

Duration 3 hours


· A wallet with 42 fabric swatches of your best colours

· Your personal Bridal Style Guide full of tips to help you when shopping for your wedding dress and accessories

· Your personal wedding make-up prescription detailing the shades that will work best for you

· A copy of the book -“Be A Beautiful Bride”

· A wallet with 42 fabric swatches of your best colours

Fee  £300 plus p&p - choose from a gift voucher or deluxe boxed gift package