"You can be gorgeous at 30, charming at 40 and irresistable for the rest of your life"- Coco Chanel

colour review
- only available if you have already had a colour analysis

The colours that suit us are reflected in our hair colour, eye colour and skin tone. Skin tone can change as we age and our hair colour can vary depending on trends. This may mean that your colours no longer work for you.

A one hour session will include a full reassessment of your colours and a full make-over using colours from our specially formulated range


Duration 1 hour

Fee £85.00(there is an additional cost for replacement wallets and swatches – see below)

Swatches from your wallet can be removed and replacement swatch cards (each containing 6 fabric swatches) can be purchased at £8.00 each. If your colouring has changed dramatically, you will be able to purchase a brand new wallet of 42 colours at £60.00